Queen’s Tech and Media Association (QTMA)
Canada’s premier product development club and tech incubator.

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What is QTMA?

Queen’s Tech and Media Association (QTMA) is Canada’s premier product development club and tech incubator. Over the course of the year, four multi-disciplinary teams of eight students from Commerce, Computer Science and Engineering compete to build and launch the best software product.



Over the past years, QTMA’s product teams worked on exciting apps to tackle everyday student problems.


Your delivery service companion

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Convenient lending for everyone

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The one-stop shop for social impact

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The best a fridge can get.

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Our Team Structure


What Our Members Gain

Product Experience


Teams of eight students build products throughout the year to prepare them for competitive roles in the tech industry.

Mentorship Program


Pair members with a professional in the tech industry providing them valuable experience and widening their network.

Summer Bootcamp


We provide a summer bootcamp program relevant to each discipline to upskill our members over the summer.

Weekly Workshops


We provider weekly workshops and guest speakers on topics in design, engineering, product management and business strategy.

Program Timeline

Alumni Testimonials

alumni photo

Jamyang Tenzin

Business Operations & Strategy @ Shopify

“At university, while you’re growing and changing, the people you are around matter! I found being on QTMA gave me a group of consistently exceptional people, smart, kind, and interesting, who bettered me. If you’re looking for the same - join us!”

alumni photo

Zack Harley

Software Engineer @ Ten Thousand Coffees

“QTMA allowed me to work with students across multiple faculties to design and build long-term projects. Earning this valuable experience is definitely one of the reasons I think I stood out to potential employers. The communication and teamwork skills I developed through QTMA are ones I still use today. I can not recommend this organization enough!”

alumni photo

Justin Herlick

Co-founder @ Pine

“When I founded QTMA over 5 years ago I had no idea how large it would become. Looking back now I am thrilled that we have been able to help launch so many students’ careers in tech across North America. Even today I advocate for QTMA in Silicon Valley”

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